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Transviolet on Songwriting, Their Band Name and Going With Your Gut

Watch Transviolet perform live at the second Rolling Stone Rooftop Series event in partnership with Lunazul Tequila

Swaying, head-banging and playing their hearts out, Transviolet transformed a New York City sunset concert into an edgy, emotion-filled rock and roll show. As the second act in Rolling Stone’s Rooftop Series event in partnership with Lunazul Tequila, the band brought its signature empowering-yet-nostalgic vibe to STK Rooftop Downtown. The bleached-haired, pint-sized singer Sarah McTaggart howled into the mic on her knees as she cooed the band’s breakout song “Girls Your Age” — and backstage revealed what it takes to create impactful music.

“Figure out what you’re trying to say and just write it down in the plainest language possible,” McTaggart quotes her producer, Alex. “If you don’t know what you’re trying to say from the very beginning, if you don’t know who you’re saying it to, who cares.”

With some famous fans and another popular single, “New Bohemia,” Transviolet must have figured out what they’re trying to say, and who they are speaking to. With eery vocals and songs that inherently become anthems, their music is reminiscent of some of their popular contemporaries — yet somehow simultaneously fresh and different.

“The four of us, when we bring the different sounds and the different instruments and the different ideas to the table,” says drummer John Garcia. “Some are so far from each other that together they create something that just kind of links up like a puzzle so perfectly, but only because it’s so far from each other that it makes sense,” he continues. “And I think that’s what it takes to change the trend of music — something new and fresh and for whatever reason people are just like, ‘I get that’.”


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