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Tim Heidecker Turns Trump Tweets Into ‘Ballad of ICE Agent Ray’ Lyric Video

Comedian releases new EP Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs From 2018

Tim Heidecker has gathered his politically incisive and uproarious songs from the past year for a just-released six-song EP titled Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs From 2018.

To mark the release, the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! comedian dropped the Vic Barger-made lyric video for “The Ballad of ICE Agent Ray,” featuring Donald Trump’s misspellings-laden Twitter feed and grueling footage of ICE at work. Heidecker previously released “The Ballad of ICE Agent Ray” in June 2018; the track benefited Families for Freedom.

“It was another year in hell,” Heidecker said in a statement. “And while it didn’t generate the number of songs the year before did, I’m glad to have these songs I’ve released throughout the year in one handy package. And for the first time you can hear a new orchestration of ‘Tobin and the Judge’ by Bobby Halverson. This song really only showed up on YouTube as a backstage live recording so I’m so glad there’s an official and quite beautiful version of it now. Also new to most everyone’s ears is: ‘Rake the Floor’ which I wrote for Father John Misty’s Wildfire Relief Fundraiser. Please enjoy!”

Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs from 2018 also features “The Ballad of the Incel Man,” Heidecker’s critique of MAGA-loving, “involuntarily celibate” Trump supporters, and the QAnon conspiracy theorist-trashing “Q.”

Heidecker also dropped Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs in 2017 and is already working toward a 2019 collection with the recent release of “Sand and Death” earlier this month.

Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs from 2018 Track List

  1. “Tobin and the Judge”
  2. “The Ballad of ICE Agent Ray”
  3. “The Ballad of the Incel Man”
  4. “Q”
  5. “Rake the Floor”
  6. “The Ballad of the Incel Man” (Nebraska Version)


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