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The Wanted on Touring With Justin Bieber, the New British Invasion

‘I just saw kids’ heads explode,’ says Jay McGuiness

Like Justin Bieber, U.K. boy band the Wanted have their own über-loyal fanbase – so when the two devout crowds collided on the road recently, the results were pretty intense.

“I just saw kids’ heads explode,” member Jay McGuiness told Rolling Stone when the group sat down with us for a recent chat. “Like, Justin Bieber plus the Wanted in one room! I think his camp saw that and were like, OK, this is pretty big, isn’t it? And we’re like, ‘Yeah, it is … just on a very small island. Don’t judge.'”

The guys also talked about what’s next, including a new tour and a song contribution to the upcoming Ice Age: Continetnal Drift movie, and said they’re proud to be a part of the current “British invasion” of artists (Adele, One Direction, etc.) – so long as they don’t become “one-hit wonders.”

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