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The Phil Spector Trial: We Watch Court TV So You Don’t Have To (06/29)

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? The battle between prosecutor Alan Jackson and forensic pathologist Vincent DiMaio, the defense’s first witness, raged on for the second consecutive day. DiMaio — who previously claimed Lana Clarkson contemplated suicide based on her use of antidepressants and the fact that she was unsuccessful and forty years old in youth-obsessed Hollywood — admitted after constant questioning that Clarkson was taking the drugs for headaches and that she was not, in fact, depressed. Despite his insistence that Clarkson’s death wasn’t murder, DiMaio had no answer when asked why Spector didn’t call 911 for the entire forty minutes between Clarkson’s death and the arrival of the police.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD FOR SPECTOR? Bad. In the defense’s first attempt to generate reasonable doubt, Alan Jackson exposed DiMaio to be a biased witness, rendering all his suicide theories moot.

HAIR & WARDROBE UPDATE: Spector was dressed like he was going to a job interview: navy-blue suit, white shirt and a red tie.


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