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The Phil Spector Trial: We Watch Court TV So You Don’t Have To (06/27)

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? Forensic pathologist Vincent DiMaio took the stand as the first witness for the defense. After an exhaustive rundown of all of DiMaio’s qualifications, he launched into a long soliloquy about a bullet’s journey from chamber to target. He also argued that Lana Clarkson likely shot herself, because the person with the most gunpowder residue on them is usually the shooter.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD FOR SPECTOR? Surprisingly, bad. DiMaio has decades of experience in the field and should come across like a trustworthy professional, but his testimony felt canned, as if he could just as easily argue the opposite with the same conviction.

HAIR & WARDROBE UPDATE: Spector’s canary yellow shirt and electric blue tie were back on display after a five-day hiatus.


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