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The Phil Spector Trial: We Watch Court TV So You Don’t Have To (06/20)

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY: Lynne Herold, yet another criminologist, took the stand as the prosecution’s last witness. Herold’s testimony was meant to contradict the theories expected to be put forth by the defense’s star witness (and alleged evidence stealer) Dr. Henry Lee. Lee will contend that blood spatter can travel six to eight feet, while Herold claims two to three feet is more likely. This distinction matters because the defense needs to support their assertion that Spector was “across the room” when Clarkson was shot.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD FOR SPECTOR? Bad. Lee is the defense’s ace in the hole, and his reputation has already been tarnished.

HAIR & WARDROBE UPDATE Spector wore a new, somehow even more blond wig, which glowed in contrast to his soft gray suit, avocado colored shirt, and olive green tie.


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