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The Phil Spector Trial: We Watch Court TV So You Don’t Have To (06/14)

WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? Jaime Linetmoot, another LA Sheriff Dept. criminologist, testified about her role in inspecting Lana Clarkson’s body, and the defense to show errors in her process. More happened, but Court TV has made it a habit to spend half the coverage day showing live footage of the trial of that North Carolina DA who tried to railroad those Duke lacrosse players. Had Court TV stuck with the Spector trial, they would’ve caught on camera the half-hour nap Spector took during the trial.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD FOR SPECTOR? Bad. In additional testimony not shown on TV, it was discovered the murder weapon had no prints, hinting that it was maybe “wiped clean.”

HAIR & WARDROBE UPDATE: They weren’t exactly pajamas, but Spector napped comfortably in a black-collared shirt and white tie.


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