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The Phil Spector Trial: We Watch Court TV So You Don’t Have To (06/01)

What Happened Yesterday: Medical examiner Dr. Louis Pena was cross-examined again by the defense. While the jury was on one of many recesses (they sent a note to the judge saying they were bored by the relentless, gruesome testimony and needed extra breaks) the judge denied frequent requests by the defense to ask Pena whether Lana Clarkson could have committed suicide. The judge argued that if the defense wanted to ask Pena about suicide, the prosecution would be allowed to call Phil Spector as a witness. Now the defense’s suicide theory is more or less supported solely by a collection of melodramatic autobiographical stories Clarkson wrote in a creative writing class.

Is This Good or Bad for Phil? Catastrophic. At this point, nobody is buying the defense’s suicide theory.

Hair and Wardrobe Update: Spector wore a pale blue, large-collared shirt with a pinstriped jacket. His hair is the same shade of hot yellow it’s been for a long time now.



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