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The Phil Spector Trial: It’s A Mistrial

WHAT HAPPENED TODAY? Round one in the Phil Spector murder trial is over. At roughly 2:30 PM EST today, the jury passed a note to Judge Fidler saying that they are still unable to come to a unanimous decision. A hearing was scheduled for 4:30pm EST, giving both Phil Spector and the family of Lana Clarkson adequate time to come to the courthouse. Once there, Juror Ten, the jury foreman, informed the judge that the jury could not come to a verdict. After six cast ballots, the final split was 10-2 (post-show speculation has the ten being for conviction). Judge Fidler then polled each individual juror to see whether or not any of them felt a unanimous decision was at all possible. Each and every juror responded, “No, your honor.” After hearing that, the judge declared a mistrial, and the jury was dismissed. It’s on the prosecution now to decide what the next steps are.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD FOR SPECTOR? Phil Spector will likely have a huge celebratory bash for his defense team tonight.


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