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The Lonely Island and Solange Indulge Grammar Nerds

Punctuation is cool, period

The Lonely Island have released a new lyric video in anticipation of their record The Wack Album, out June 11th. It’s as educational as it is catchy and features a hook from Solange to boot.

“Semicolon,” the latest release in the band’s Wack Wednesday series, reminds us how effective proper punctuation can be. Choice lyric: “A comma and a fucking dot; semicolon,” demonstrates the appropriate separation of two independent clauses within a compound sentence – obviously, a grammatical necessity in the face of those all-too-common sentence fragments.

On the Charts: Lonely Island’s Schtick Lands Them at Number Three

The hilarious trio of Saturday Night Live alumni – Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer  – have already released other tracks off the album, including “Diaper Money.”


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