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‘The Hunting Owl’ by Merz and Julian Sartorius – Free MP3

Merz and Julian Sartorius

Merz and Julian Sartorius

M. Baumgartner

Artist:  Merz and Julian Sartorius
Song: “The Hunting Owl”
Album: No Compass Will Find Home (Julian Sartorius Drum & Vocal Renditions)

“It’s a pretty heavy story, but I wrote this song after watching my brother-in-law barely survive a week in a coma,”  Conrad Lambert tells Rolling Stone. “During this whole week, his life was hanging by a thread. He’s a youngish guy and this experience gave me a perspective on the arbitrary nature of death. Death, like an owl that swoops down and snatches away the tiny shrew. Death is such a massive presence in our lives and yet we somehow manage to ignore it for most of the time. Until it comes and snatches someone close to us away.”


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