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The Black Keys Eat BBQ with Anthony Bourdain

Duo appear on Travel Channel’s ‘No Reservations’

Because everyone needs to eat, the Black Keys met up with with chef extraordinaire and all-around badass Anthony Bourdain as he swung through Kansas City for his show No Reservations.

Picking Bourdain up in the (non-El Camino) minivan from the El Camino cover, the three headed to Woodyard Bar-B-Que, where they chowed on some ribs and brisket and Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney talked about eating on the road.

“When we first started touring, we had $5 a day that we could spend on food,” recalled Carney. The entire segment was goofily framed by Bourdain’s fretting over who these “Black Keys” were and whether or not the Akron boys might murder him – their hometown, according to Bourdain, “is a known breeding ground for serial killers.”

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