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The Academy Is… Call It Quits

Chicago emo rockers split after three albums

the academy is... breaks up

William Beckett and Mike Carden of The Academy Is... perform in Fontana, California.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Chicago emo quintet The Academy Is… have broken up after a nine-year career resulting in three studio albums. “We celebrate the experiences of our past, as we welcome what lies ahead,” reads a statement on the band’s official website. “While we have never managed to make things easy on ourselves, it is safe to say that we have always found common ground in our love of music. And though we may not be together, you can look forward to hearing new music from each of us.”

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Frontman William Beckett went into more detail about the split on his blog. “For years there has been a growing distance felt within the band as we’ve progressed, both geographically and artistically, and instead of trying to patch the holes we’re left with, my heart tells me it’s time to move on with the next chapter in our lives,” he wrote. Beckett added that he is about to begin work on a new record and that he has “never felt more freedom and inspiration to create my best and most honest work yet.”

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