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The 7 Ways Kanye West’s ‘Kris’ Interview Proves He’s a Sucker for Love

Kanye West on 'Kris'


Warning: A box of Kleenex may be needed for Kris Jenner’s interview with Kanye West, who is her daughter Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend and baby daddy.

On the sitdown set to air Friday on Jenner’s new talk show, she gets Kanye to show a gentle, loving, candid side of his personality rarely, if ever, displayed in the media since his post-Hurricane Katrina “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” telethon tirade.

The preview clips have lead Hip-Hop Media Training to draw one of two potential conclusions: Kanye has finally wised up and succumbed to the good sense of media training or he is whipped.

But come on, we all know the latter is the case.

Here’s our supporting evidence:

Exhibit A: Kanye Did an Interview About His Baby? Diehard Yeezus fans would have bet their last dollar that this interview would have never happened. But not only did Mr. AntiMedia oblige, he appears to have enjoyed it. You know a guy is whipped when he goes to this extent to suck up to his Baby’s Mama’s Mama, offering her the coveted Oprah Winfrey-worthy interview for the finale episode of her new talk show.

Exhibit B – He Looks So Happy – I thought it was only pregnant women and new mothers who exuded this angelic glow, but nope, Kanye’s wearing it too. He just looks happy for no apparent reason. This man is in LOVE.

Exhibit C – He’ll Take A Bullet For Her – Don’t waste your time dissing Kim to Kanye. He’s not trying to hear it. He is even willing to subject himself to the thing he hates the most – the paparazzi – to be with her. “I don’t care; I love this woman,” he tells Mama Kris. “I’m being with this person because I love this person. She’s worth it to me.”

Exhibits D and E – He Compares Her To One Of His Grandfather’s Core Values – Yes, I would not have believed this had I not watched the clip with my own eyes, but Kanye went there. In a double whammy, he likened his affection for Kim to a value passed down from his grandfather, then he dropped a bomb, referring to Kim by one of the sweetest terms of endearment any woman would ever want to be called by her Baby Daddy. Must-read excerpt: “My grandfather just passed. His whole thing was never about money. It was never about popularity. His whole thing was joy. Just joy. Having joy in his life. And she’s my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world. And there’s no paparazzi, no blog comment, nothing that’s going to take that joy from me.”

Exhibit F – He’s Better Handling Mother’s Death – Kanye has had a tough time coping with the tragic 2007 death of his beloved mother Donda West. KimYe haters are going to have a hard time accepting this one. But Kanye credits Kim with helping ease his mourning. “After I lost my mother I felt like, I would put my life at risk,” he says. “I felt like sometimes I didn’t have something to live for, and now I have two really special to live for, whole family to live for, whole world to live for.”

Exhibit G – He Allowed Baby North To Make TV Debut? – Rumor has it that Kanye is going to introduce his baby girl North during Friday’s broadcast. Hip-Hop Media Training finds this completely shocking. Remember his New York Times interview in June when he said, “Well, I just don’t want to talk to America about my family. Like, this is my baby. This isn’t America’s baby.” Well, I guess, it’s a whipped man’s prerogative to change his mind.

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