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The 12 Most-Robbed Contestants of ‘The X Factor’ Season 3

THE X FACTOR: Josh Levi performs on THE X FACTOR airing Wednesday, Nov. 20 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker/ FOX.

Michael Becker/Fox

The “X Factor” Season 3 finale is right around the corner — which means soon Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, or Carlito Olivero will win a record contract and go on to follow in the footsteps of, um, Melanie Amaro and Tate Stevens.

All three contestants are very talented, but there are still a few others that I’m shocked didn’t make it at least a bit closer to this year’s finale. So, without further ado, here is my list of the most-robbed contestants of this “X Factor” season.

12. Yellow House Canyon – These country gals brought such vivacious energy to their performances, and they were so darn likable. But during the Four-Chair Challenge, Simon Cowell didn’t even give YHC a chance, or a seat. He shipped them straight home. And yet, he gave Forever in Your Mind a shot? Whatever.

11. Timmy Thames – I witnessed this 13-year-old’s L.A. audition in person, and I can tell you, he was a little Michael Jackson reincarnate, something very special. I predicted right then and there that he was going to go far. Later seeing him lose his seat at the last minute during the Four-Chair Challenge damn near broke my heart.

10. Second Hand High – OK, I’m not really serious about this one. But “Ask Me to Dance” was a pretty frickin’ catchy song. Even Simon said he thought it could be a hit! Maybe he’ll invite them back to the finale and that song can get stuck in my head for another three months.

9. Roxxy Montana – Descendants of actual Motown royalty (they’re the granddaughters of Marvin Gaye), these Detroit soul sisters had real potential. The fact that they were cut just one week before MOTOWN NIGHT made their elimination especially annoying.

8. Rachel Potter – She was one of the strongest singers of the season, yet she went home after the very first public vote. My mind still boggles.

7. Chase Goehring – If Simon was really looking for a teen heartthrob — the New Bieber, if you will — then he should’ve made Paulina Rubio keep this kid. A budding YouTube star who initially auditioned with an original (good!) composition, he came across as an Ed Sheeran mini-me. I think he could’ve made Season 3 a lot more interesting, and I know the tween girls out there would have voted for him in droves.

6. Khaya Cohen – Khaya was one of the top female vocalists of the season (“You literally have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard,” Demi Lovato once told her), but somehow she had a “likability problem” that kept her from connecting with America. Well, I liked Khaya. I think she should have stuck around longer.

5. Wild Thingz – Yes, this cartoonish hip-pop duo (whom Simon likened to Beavis & Butt-Head) were obnoxious and juvenile. But they were fun in a guilty-pleasure, party-rockin’, LMFAO/3OH!3 sort of way, and I think they would’ve been a blast on the live shows. They could have been “The X Factor USA’s” answer to Jedward…and maybe even covered the above-mentioned “Ask Me to Dance”! The show was a lot less awesome after Wild Thingz’s party rock left the house.

4. Lillie McCloud – This ageless diva was the standout among all of the auditioners, and though it was hard for her to recapture the magic of her first “Alabaster Box” performance, her sublime “This Woman’s Work” and “Summertime” came mighty close. But then, right after “Summertime,” she went home in eighth place. Ridiculous.

3. Ellona Santiago – Ellona was a little baby diva, and her last few performances on the show (“Mamma Knows Best,” “Applause,” “If I Were a Boy”) were stunners. But she only made it to sixth place. Sixth? Really? Sheesh. “X Factor” viewers just weren’t feeling the female singers this year.

2. Josh Levi – I had Josh pegged to win the entire season. I think a lot of people did. But then Simon had a rare wussy moment and let the elimination vote go to deadlock on the top eight results show, which caused Josh to shockingly go home. ON THANKSGIVING. Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever.

1. James Kenney – This talented crooner built a fanbase after making it to the top 32 Judges’ Houses round during “The X Factor’s” first season, and those fans were thrilled when he returned for Season 3 and got all the way to the top 16 this time. But then, those fans never got the chance to vote for James, because his mentor Kelly Rowland opted to cut him right before the top 12 live shows. We’ll never know how far he could have gone if his fate had been left in America’s hands.

Who do you think was this season’s most robbed “X Factor” contestant?

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