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The 10 Best Revelations From Big Boi’s Reddit AMA

Rapper shares a Tupac story, his Waffle House diet and more

Big Boi performs in Los Angeles.Big Boi performs in Los Angeles.

Big Boi performs in Los Angeles.

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Earlier today, Big Boi participated in a rather enlightening Reddit AMA, where fans piled on questions that ranged from how he likes to spend Sunday afternoons to the current state of hip-hop. The rapper is currently recovering from a knee injury, but returns to action on September 20, when his “Shoes for Running Tour” with Killer Mike kicks off  in Atlanta.

Inside Big Boi’s Hit Solo Debut

Here are the 10 best revelations we learned from Sir Lucious Left Foot: 

Tupac jumped through a partition to meet him : “The first time I met Tupac, we were opening for him in Ohio and he was pulling up to the hotel in a limousine, and he jumped through the partition of his limo and threw the car in park because the driver wouldn’t stop because he wanted to holler at me and Dre. He almost tore up the transmission in the limo. Real life.”

Music is a form of ministry: “It’s definitely a form of ministry, music is, because you are touching people. And at first I didn’t know what was really the purpose in my life was, and then it dawned on me. I get it a lot that my music has inspired people. It’s good to know that you can touch people’s lives through music, you know?”

He wishes he could play professional football: “I want to walk on and play for the Falcons, but I hurt my leg.”

His throne idea was inspired by Alice in Chains: “Actually it came from my guitar player David Wild. He actually showed me as i came back from the hospital a video of the guy in Alice in Chains in a wheelchair, and said that i shouldn’t disappoint my fans by canceling shows and pointed out that everyone still liked the shows when the guy was in a wheelchair. The fans love the dedication even more. I thought that was dope as hell. Plus it was good for fans to see me sitting in my rightful seat, my throne.”

What “SpottieOttieDopalicious” means: “SpottieOttieDopalicious is Southern slang term for a girl that is superfine, bad, sexy, intelligent and jazzy all at the same time. I got one of those upstairs in my bed.”

Favorite place to eat in Atlanta: “My mother’s house”

On working with George Clinton: “We called the mothership and he beamed himself down to the studio. There was no sample for Fo Yo Sorrows. I work with George because he fits the song. And we don’t like using samples because we like creating original music. It organically happened be cause we liked to create new music. Its easy to go out and sample a whole album. We can do that in 3 days.”

The hip-hop industry has changed: Well when we first started the South was trying to gain respect and it was about lyricism. And it’s not about who can rap the best anymore, everything is club driven now.

He eats at Waffle House pretty often: “Maybe two times a week. I just had some this morning.”

He likes lazy Sundays: “Just really kicking back, watching football, hanging out with my son.”

At the conclusion of Big Boi’s AMA, he released a new video for “Thom Pettie” that features Little Dragon and Killer Mike.

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