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Tennis On recording with Patrick Carney

Indie band explain why they worked with the Black Keys rocker

Denver indie pop band Tennis performed at Rolling Stone’s Rock Room day party at the SXSW festival yesterday. After the set, singer and keyboardist Alaina Moore explained why they worked with the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney on their new album, Young and Old. “Patrick Carney is someone we have respected for a long time,” Moore says. “When we started to think about working with a producer, which we weren’t sure about doing initially, he was one of the first names that we tossed around.” Adds guitarist Patrick Riley, “When you come from a background of self-recording, self-production, self-everything, it’s really hard to just give the reins to someone else. We’re control freaks, and Patrick Carney is a control freak too, and I think he understood.”

•Video: Tennis’ Complete SXSW Set at Rolling Stone’s Rock Room


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