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Ted Nugent Targets Detroit for 6,000th Concert

Guitarist, radical Republican and firearm fan Ted Nugent will celebrate his 6,000th concert with a July 4th performance in his hometown of Detroit. That’s a lot of “Stranglehold.” The bash is the centerpiece of the self-coined “Summer of Ted,” a season that will also feature everyone’s favorite NRA board member pimping an already-released DVD and book as well as making his feature film debut. Discussing why he chose to perform in Detroit as opposed to a place with better hunting or more fervent conservative beliefs, the Nuge said, “Michiganiacs demand maximum excellence — they are the ultimate demanding and discerning audience in the world. This show is going to be a mountain top that most musicians can only fantasize about.” As for that movie role, Nugent will appear in the much anticipated Beer For My Horses, co-starring fellow musicians Toby Keith and Willie Nelson.

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