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SXSW 2013: Shout Out Louds on Creating ‘Light’ in the Studio

‘We wanted the songs to be bright and colorful,’ says the band of its new LP, ‘Optica’

Light was the theme of Shout Out Louds’ newest record, Optica, singer-guitarist Adam Olenius and bassist Ted Malmros explained at the Rolling Stone Rock Room in sunny Austin, Texas. “We wanted the songs to be bright and colorful,” says Olenius. “Light is almost a delicacy in Sweden, because during winter it’s only three to four hours of sunlight. We had to create light in the studio.” 

Malmros also theorized about why Sweden has produced such a vibrant English-speaking music scene for a country of its size. “We don’t really dub movies, so English is almost a second language,” he says. 

Interview by Eric R. Danton; text by Joe Pinsker


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