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SXSW 2010 Day Four Twitter Marathon: 23 Reports, From Scissor Sisters to Free Energy

On the last major day of SXSW, the biggest story was the weather — a cold front moved in and badgeholders moved out. With only a few big shows to hold people’s attention (a Big Star tribute, Scissor Sisters, unofficial appearances by Andrew WK and Gwar), the streets that once held an impenetrable mass of people were now light trickles, with everyone moving to warmer places or heading home early. Still, there were no shortage of amazing young and emerging bands to check out, and we clearly caught our share.

Christopher R. Weingarten of @1000TimesYes wrapped up his Twitter odyssey yesterday — yes, he hit 100 tweets! — tweeting about 23 bands in 14 hours for @RollingStone. Relive his epic quest in our TwitterCam (clips range from the head-banging thrash of Voivoid to garagey punk of Titus Andronicus) and catch up on his 140-character reports here:

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78) GAROTAS SUECAS: Tropicalia meets post-punk meets the comforting smell of free pancakes flipped by mom and dad!

79) JASON COLLETT: Broken Social Scenester provides throbbing, mildly rocking alt-country soundtrack to morning beer and vegan tacos.

80) KATIE STELMANIS: Pastoral indie songstress battles freezing cold, obnoxious audience creep, some asshole’s car alarm.

81) DÂM-FUNK: Stage banter is so much better through a vocoder.

82) DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE: Indescribable, unignorable mix of Miami bass, Neptunes, French house, dub-punk and a bratty 18-year-old MC.

83) MARIACHI EL BRONX: Maybe the world’s only punk mariachi band is completely slaying at 2:45, despite clearly having just woken up.

84) EXENE CERVENKA: The ex-X punk icon follows her country-folk muse on an out-of-the-way bar patio full of mellow vibes, playing kids.

85) VOIVOD: SXSW’s second most famous metal band treats gear problems to a disgusting fuzz bass “Louie Louie” and a smashed beer bottle.

86) PLANTS AND ANIMALS: Montrealites pack medium-sized room with anthemic indie (and perfect way to stay warm waiting for Andrew WK).

87) THEE OH SEES: Psychedelic avant-garage crew set up on floor for caffinated madness, light jabs at show sponsor, actual drum solo.

88) THE MIDDLE EAST: Australian, banjo-weilding, seven-piece chamber-indie crew evokes rolling hills, rollicking times, maybe Montreal.

89) BUCKSHOT: Black Moon MC is as workmanlike and reliable as his records; will rock a crowd of any size.

90) THE GATES OF SLUMBER: Sludgy Midwest metal where each double-kick bursts though the freezing crowd like cannonfire

91) TONE (DC): Three-guitar post-rock army fills every available space with sound, makes an outdoor show sound like an indoor show.

92) CARSICK CARS: Hypnotic, dissonant, enveloping Beijing rock for people who think Sonic Youth got soft. Sounds full and then some.

93) FREE ENERGY: An alternate ’70s where power-pop ruled the world. Possibly the best tribute to Big Star we’ll get all night.

94) SOLE AND THE SKYRIDER BAND: Veteran indie MC spits intricate, spidery rants at random passersby on 6th St., next to the gyro stand.

95) TOTAL ABUSE: Disgusting, skin-scraping, feedback-drenched Austin hardcore gets an A+ for effort.

96) MICKEY FACTZ: Rapper brings club energy, Swedish MC Adam Tensta brings great rhymes, But Catchdubs has crowd in a froth next door.

97) MOON DUO: Wooden Shjips guitarist and galpal turning hypnotic chug into a stoner-friendly Suicide as part of Woodsist showcase.

98) TITUS ANDRONICUS: Riotous, massive cheers for the triumphant, 14-minute, acid-damaged-Big-Country anthem “Battle Of Hampton Road.”

99) YELAWOLF: Motormouth Alabama MC won’t stop rapping when de-jacketing girls or bouncing with boys. Somebody get this man a moshpit.

100) SCISSOR SISTERS: In 38 degree weather, “We are Scissor Sisters and we came to raise your body temperature.” Assuredly did.

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