Surprise! Your Favorite Chris Brown Song is a Gum Ad

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It's rare that a commercial jingle ever becomes a Top 10 hit, but that's exactly what covertly happened with Chris Brown's new single "Forever." After it had already charted, it was revealed that the hit song is actually just an extended version of the new 30-second jingle for Wrigley's Doublemint gum. The move should be no surprise, as Brown even sings the gum's tagline "Double your pleasure, double your fun" in the chorus. Brown was commissioned to pen the gum's new jingle, which the R&B star says he wrote in about 30 minutes. He then recorded the jingle and the extended song with producer Polow Da Don in February during Wrigley-purchased studio time. The song was then released as a single, then included on the deluxe Exclusive and will now serenade you during commercial breaks. Brown isn't alone in rebranding the Wrigley flavors, however: Ne-Yo will take on Big Red's "Kiss a little longer" jingle while Dancing With the Stars' Julianne Hough countrified the Juicy Fruit song. Perhaps the gum world will be the savior of the music industry.