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Sonic Youth Offer Reward For Return of Gear

Sonic Youth Offer Reward For Return of Gear

Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo has posted urgent messages on a
number of websites stating that all of the band’s equipment had
been stolen from a Ryder truck parked at a Ramada Inn in Orange
County, Calif., sometime during the night of July 3. To the band’s
credit, they performed their show at Orange County’s This Ain’t No
Picnic using borrowed equipment, but much of the seminal art-noise
band’s sound is derived from modifications they’ve made to their
own gear.

The band is offering a reward for the recovery of their
instruments, and they can be contacted via email at
Mascaras66@aol.com, or call their representative, Aaron Blitzstein,
at 212-343-2314. The band still has three more shows before they
return home to New York City, including two nights in Austin,
Texas, on July 7 and 8, and a performance in Santa Fe, NM, on July
10. The band will play those final dates with rented equipment,
according to their spokesperson.


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