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So, John Lydon: Will There Be a Public Image Ltd. Reunion?

There’s been a lot of hubub today about Johnny Rotten’s fight with Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke backstage at a Barcelona festival. So much talk has been devoted to accusations of racism and details of the melee that few are focusing on what began the spat: Okereke supposedly walked up to Lydon and asked him about the possibility of a Public Image Ltd. reunion. Accounts differ on what happened after this, but who cares? It’s a perfectly legitimate inquiry. The Sex Pistols put on a fine show these days, but seeing as they only have one album to draw from the set list is pretty limited. PiL lasted 14 years and eight albums. Jah Wobble and the many, many other PiL alumi certainly have the time to get back onstage — and who wouldn’t want to hear “Rise” live again? So, Johnny, what do you think? Good idea, or are am I in for a brutal beating now?


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