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Snoop Lion Is for the Children in ‘La La La’

Rapper-turned-reggae singer stars in the trippiest school play ever

“Adorable” is a term not generally associated with Snoop Lion (or Snoop Dogg, for that matter), but the new clip for “La La La” finds the rapper-turned-reggae-singer in the craziest elementary school play ever, with a bunch of kids who probably don’t understand why that pineapple’s eyes are so red. In the play/video, Snoop lays his hip-hop past to rest and is reborn as his reggae alter-ego amid a ridiculous parade of costumed kids and adults, animated fruit and a robot; though the true treat comes at the start of the clip, when a little girl quizes Snoop Lion about his name change and whether or not he knows Katy Perry.

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