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Skrillex: ‘I’m Gonna Go at It Hard Next Year’

Previews new music, promises big things at headlining gig at HARD Festival in L.A.

Skrillex hard festivalSkrillex hard festival


Joseph Llanes

For Skrillex, 2013 has been a relatively quiet one, but a quiet year for Skrillex isn’t that quiet at all. He scored his first film (Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers), collaborated with A$AP Rocky on his hit song “Wild for the Night,” anchored a Vegas residency and teamed up with Boys Noize for a side project called Dog Blood. This past weekend he headlined the HARD Day of the Dead festival in Los Angeles, where he previewed a handful of new songs for a Skrillex-thirsty crowd. Rolling Stone caught up with him post-set to find out what’s in store for the EDM superstar’s future.

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What made HARD the right festival to come out and play this material?
Growing up, I always saw it as the one festival that really took chances on really cool up-and-coming [acts]. They always have really interesting lineups and it’s always super tasteful and works somehow, so that’s why I really like playing this festival.

How much of the set tonight was new?
The first three songs were new. Later on in the set I had a few more new songs. I had like two more new songs I didn’t have time to play as well, but I played a good six new things I haven’t played before, or more. And I still want to save a lot of it, too, until it comes out.

How indicative of the new record are the six songs?
They definitely cover a lot of ground, and there’s still more stuff on the record that is yet to be seen. It’s still me, but it’s like – I think someone said it before – the same fabric, but a new coat, a better coat.

Can you give us any previews of titles?
I haven’t really figured out any of the titles, to be honest.

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You had the track with A$AP Rocky and the Dog Blood project. How did that work influence the new material?
I love collaborating. If anything, I want to do that more further down in my career. I’m 25 now and I’m excited to try a lot of new things and work with a lot of new people. It’s always fun – you discover more things about yourself when you work with other people, and your limits, your boundaries grow. For me, everything happens naturally. I’m a big fan of discovering new talent as well. I met Rocky when his mixtape first dropped out and my first video came out, and the dude that did my music video just did his video afterwards. He was a buddy for a long time, so it was exciting to get on his record. And this is Ellifant [points to woman who just walked in], who is dope as fuck – I just worked with her in Sweden. She’s Swedish, we did some records together. She’s gonna fucking destroy the world.

We made a bunch of shit together, so some will probably come out on her record, and she did some stuff for me. Some things work on my record, some things work for other people’s records. Like “Wild for the Night” was perfect to go on Rocky’s record – his blend of hip-hop and my sound, but more vocal, more for his record. So it all depends on what the record turns out like.

Who would you love to work with?
This could happen 20 years from now, who knows, but Bjork‘s someone I’ve loved since I’ve been a vocalist, and we did some touring in South America two years ago. [We] talked about making stuff and she even mentioned it in an interview at some point, so I gotta check that off the bucket list. That’d be dope, to do some cool, vibe-y stuff with her. But like I said, I like discovering new people too, so who knows?

What can we look forward to in 2014?
It’s definitely been a busy year for me. It’s been off-tour, but I’ve been hustling and getting ready, too. I’m gonna go it at hard next year. ’14 is gonna be super exciting, I’m gonna be out there and doing some new shit.

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