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See Stephen Colbert Mock Kid Rock’s New ‘American Badass’ Grills

‘Late Show’-host brings out fake Michigan senate candidate Shriekin’ Joe

Stephen Colbert brought out the reliably profane Shriekin’ Joe the Saginaw Psychopath, on Wednesday’s Late Show to poke fun at Kid Rock‘s new line of American badass grills. 

Kid Rock recently advertised the appliances with his signature inflammatory flair by blowing up grills made in China in a promotional video. Shriekin’ Joe was unimpressed. “Anyone can make a grill seem badass – it’s a metal box that uses fire to burn meat,” he told Colbert. “That’s why I’m launching my own line of Made-in-the-U.S.A. American-Dumbass-Fun-Time Ice Cream Machines.”

Shriekin’ Joe made a memorable appearance on The Late Show last month when Colbert first considered the possibility of a 2018 Senate race in Michigan between two musicians and conservative firebrands, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. Shriekin’ Joe posed as a humorous alternative, playing another singer-turned-would-be-politician with colorful album titles like Gettin’ Laid at a Funeral. His campaign catchphrase? “Vote for me, I love Michigan! Kiss my lower peninsula.”

In response to Kid Rock’s explosion-filled grill advertisement, Shriekin’ Joe recorded an amusing, cheaply-made clip to promote his American-Dumbass-Fun-Time Ice Cream Machines. After pretending to blow up competing ice cream machines, Joe yells, “Take that France or wherever! You can’t spell ice cream without U.S.A.” 

The Detroit Free Press reported last month that at least one member of the Michigan Tea Party, Wes Nakagiri, was interested in Kid Rock as a Senate candidate. Nakagiri said Kid Rock could “get rid of that stodgy Republican image.”


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