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See Natalie Prass Dance Among Dead Presidents in New Video

Singer calls “The Fire” visual “a statement on power and power dynamics between people in relationships and in society”

Natalie Prass dances among the visages of dead presidents in the video for “The Fire,” a song off her new album, The Future and the Past. As holds an axe in front of George Washington and sits on Andrew Jackson’s shoulder, she sings a pop song about sidestepping safety in a relationship and going right into her lover’s fire. The video becomes more and more psychedelic as it goes on, with kaleidoscopic vignettes and what looks like the northern lights appearing behind our forefathers – and it ends with an even more surrealistic scene.

“We felt like we were in a post-apocalyptic world,” Prass said of the video in an interview with NPR. “I really enjoyed being so pink and so feminine around these massive, masculine busts. It was difficult sometimes, I didn’t really like being on Jackson’s shoulder, but it was empowering being up there and feeling bigger than him for the moment.”

The 18-foot-tall busts in the clip came from a Williamsburg, Virgina tourist attraction that shut down eight years ago, according to the news site. They were relocated to a farm in Croaker, Virginia and have since decayed into the way they look currently. Prass looked it all as a political statement. “This video is a statement on power and power dynamics between people in relationships and in society,” she said. “In the end, I gain power, but then I take it away from myself.”

In other Prass news, she has released some recordings for a Spotify Singles Session, including a version of The Future and the Past’s “Short Court Style” and her take on Dionne Warwick’s “Déjà Vu,” a song co-written by Isaac Hayes.


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