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See Lady Gaga Create Futuristic David Bowie Tribute for 2016 Grammys

“Tributing David Bowie is the most incredible honor that anyone’s ever given me,” pop star says in behind-the-scenes clip

The Grammy Awards have given a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration between Lady Gaga and Intel to make the ceremony’s astonishing, futuristic David Bowie tribute come to life.

“Tributing David Bowie is the most incredible honor that anyone’s ever given me,” Gaga says at the beginning of the clip. “It takes me back to why I started Lady Gaga.”

The Oscar-nominated pop star then explained her relationship with Bowie’s music and art, revealing how discovering Bowie made her “stronger” and freed her to take on her stage moniker and pursue her pop career.

From there, Gaga, the tribute’s musical director Nile Rodgers and representatives of Intel dive behind how the team combined a musical homage with a technologically forward angle. In the end, Intel brought a series of robots — like the “dancing piano” — and a motion sensory chip that helped the visual effects match Gaga’s movements onstage.

Intel also gives a glimpse at how they 3D-printed Gaga’s face to practice the projections they placed on her while she sang “Space Oddity” at the beginning of the tribute. The designer of the projections, Asai Nobumichi, noted that it was his first time doing the projections live and that Gaga had “pushed for this technology to be in the show.”


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