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See A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg Voice Rapping Bodega Cats on ‘Animals’

“If you asked me what my favorite dish is / Either pussy or the fishes,” rapper/feline says on HBO’s raunchy animated series

A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg lent their voices and rap skills to a pair of bodega cats in Friday’s episode of Animals, HBO’s R-rated animated comedy series that takes a perverse look at the animal kingdom. For the episode, the A$AP Mob members rhyme about bodega shoppers (including Kanye West), tuna fish, sleeping in the bread aisle and bagel-eating rats.

“You say beef / I say chickens/ I don’t really know the difference / If you asked me what my favorite dish is / Either pussy or the fishes,” A$AP Rocky’s bodega cat says. Ferg’s cat tells an anecdote, “Kanye walked in to pick up some rice / Guess who popped out? / It was a talking mice / He said, ‘Hey you, wake up Mr. West’ / ‘I know you fly but dammit I’m fresh.'”

According to Pitchfork, Friday’s Animals also features creatures voiced by Jessica Chastain, Nick Kroll, Adam Scott, Marc Maron, Rob Corddry, Eric Andre, Cobie Smulders, Wanda Sykes, Kurt Vile and more.

“There’s really cool stuff happening in animation,” Animals co-creator Phil Matarese recently told Rolling Stone. “There are all those kids cartoons that are good, like Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall, and then Bob’s Burgers is huge. I’m excited to make a full-on ‘we can say “fuck”‘ cartoon. We don’t have to be crass just because we have an HBO show but we can be violent and gross and nasty.”

Executive producer Mark Duplass added, “Get some rat titties on there.”


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