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Sebastian Bach, William Shatner Engage in Bizarre Twitter Feud

“I will run past your fucking house every day until the day I die. Deal with me with your phaser cell phone bullshit,” Skid Row singer warns ‘Star Trek’ actor

William Shatner and Sebastian Bach engaged in what could be the strangest Twitter feud of 2016, with the Skid Row singer at one point threatening to go the 85-year-old Star Trek actor’s Los Angeles home. “I will run past your fucking house every day until the day I die. Deal with me with your phaser cell phone bullshit,” Bach wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The catalyst in this unlikely beef: A purple devil emoji that Shatner used in replying to a tweet liked by Bach, Blabbermouth reports. Unfortunately, the seeds of this feud have been largely deleted by its combatants, depriving future historians of key evidence into what actually transpired between the two. However, some tweets remain from Bach and Shatner’s online tiff.

During the heated exchange, Bach called Shatner a “dickhead” and at one point reportedly posted the actor’s home address. “U don’t have to harass me on Twitter,” Bach wrote to Shatner. “I live right near you in Studio City. I run past your house. Say it to my face.” Shatner responded with a pair of emojis, the yellow-faced one with the eyes rolling upward as well as another purple devil.

Shatner and Bach then quibbled over when the singer should run over to the actor’s house. Shatner, a busy man, told Bach, “I’m back in town the week of the 13th.” “Good. I will run over to your house on the 13th. Perfect day for it. See you soon emoji man,” Bach warned.

Another Twitter user later accused the Captain Kirk portrayer of acting like a “troll.” “Troll? He liked a tweet I replied to him. I do that. He follows me. If he doesn’t like what I say he can unfollow,” Shatner wrote. Bach responded to Shatner’s response by pasting a link of a Ricky Gervais tweet that featured a grainy video of an elk attacking a hunter.

“Maybe you need to unfollow me if you cannot stand interacting,” Shatner tweeted to the Skid Row singer.

This mayhem went on for several more tweets before Shatner tapped out and started ignoring Bach’s keyboard attacks. “It sounds like he’s not having a good night so it’s better to stop interacting with him,” Shatner wrote. When asked what provoked him to tweet a purple devil emoji at Bach in the first place, the actor pointed out that the then-pinned tweet on Bach’s own Twitter featured the emoji.

In one final troll move, Bach posted a photo from his Rocklahoma Festival performance with a pair of purple devil emojis bookending an emoji of Star Trek‘s iconic “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture.


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