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Scott Stapp’s Downward Spiral Captured on Police Recordings

Singer claims a group of people are trying to kill him and tells dean of his son’s school that the “core of ISIS is within my own family”

Scott StappScott Stapp

Scott Stapp

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New audio revealing the distraught mental state of Creed’s Scott Stapp have surfaced, with TMZ posting four clips taken from various phone calls the singer made last month.

Two of the clips were taken from a 911 call Stapp made from the side of a Florida highway after abandoning his car. Stapp claimed that he was being chased by a group of people who were trying to kill him, but says that all of his previous calls to the police had been ignored. When asked by the dispatcher who was after him, Stapp responded: “I don’t know, I’ve been running for about six or seven weeks. I’m trying to keep them away from my family.”

Stapp also said that he was worried that his death had been falsely reported on the Internet and that someone had stolen $20 million from him. In one tape, Stapp asks the dispatcher to tell the officers to be careful when they find him, adding, “With everything that’s happened to me over the past couple weeks… I just want to be cautious.” During a brief exchange with an EMT, Stapp requests to be taken to the hospital, saying he’s dehydrated, dizzy and nauseated and “probably malnourished” since he had no money to buy food.

In another clip from a different 911 call, Stapp attempted to report his wife, Jaclyn, for stealing his car and trying to sell it, only to be told that because the car was taken by his wife, it wasn’t theft. Stapp also claimed his wife “threatened to blackmail me, and said that if I went to the police about the stolen money then she would release to the public supposed pictures she says she has, or anything else she can do to defame me to ruin my reputation and career.”

Stapp also made a troubling call to the dean of his son’s school on November 10th. He asks to be put in touch with his son, Jagger, whom he says he hasn’t seen or heard from in days, adding that it’s a matter of national security. “People in Florida are at risk,” Stapp said. “I’ve uncovered the core of ISIS is within my own family. Please call me immediately. This is not a joke.”

This harrowing claim comes on the heels of a previously released tape in which Jaclyn says Stapp threatened to kill President Barack Obama. During that call, Jaclyn said Stapp was “off the drugs” and riding shirtless on a bicycle, carrying two backpacks allegedly containing CIA documents he’d printed and assorted tools. (The Secret Service said they were taking appropriate action to investigate the claim.)

This latest development in Stapp’s downward spiral comes in the wake of a video the singer made late last month, in which he claimed he was “penniless” and living in a Holiday Inn. The video arrived just days after Jaclyn had filed for divorce. Her petition contained numerous texts from Stapp that she claimed illustrated his paranoid state. Jaclyn alleged that the singer had left their Boca Raton home in early October and that neither she nor their three children had seen him since. After the release of Stapp’s video, Jaclyn filed legal documents to have her husband committed for 60 days so that he could receive help.

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