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Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones The Faces on Hall of Fame Induction

To many rock fans, The Faces are more famous for what what they did shortly after the band split in 1975. Guitarist Ron Wood joined the Rolling Stones, drummer Kenney Jones joined The Who and singer Rod Stewart became, well, Rod Stewart. They have been eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for many years, and some members had given up on the idea they’d ever make it. “I thought we’d been bypassed and forgotten about,” says Jones. “But obviously not.” The band is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14th. 

The group reformed a few years ago with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, but they’ll once again play with Rod Stewart at the induction ceremony. “We’re going to play ‘Stay With Me’ and maybe an instrumental,” says Wood. “I’m going to sing ‘Ooh La La,’ whether Rod likes it nor not.”

The Faces are known as one of the hardest partying bands of all-time, a label the band doesn’t deny. “We were a hard partying band,” says Wood. “That was one of the unwritten rules. The celebration  factor spread from the band to the audience, and we would give out cases of booze instead of having a support band. Everyone was nicely wrecked.”

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