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Rolling Stone’s Favorite #lessexcitingbandnames

Stone Temple Pilates, Minivan Halen, Miffed Against the Machine and more

stone temple pilates

Scott Weiland got buff from doing Stone Temple Pilates

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rolling Stone participated in the hilarious #lessexcitingbandnames meme on Twitter this afternoon, tossing in a few suggestions of our own – Shy and the Family Stone, Stone Temple Pilates, Public Frenemy and the Rolling Pebbles – while encouraging you to tweet your own at @RollingStone. Here are some of our favorites, but definitely keep them coming!

@tomlinsj2 Minivan Halen

@TIMonC95 Dukes of Leon

@DaniLunn Carving Pumpkins

@sofilikes2mooch Green Dye

Waves (Yes, this was from the actual band Wavves)

@TravisVolz Hauling Oats

@toddjolmstead Iron & Water

@BridTW They Might Be Midgets

Guns n’ Dandilions

@Roystonified Naysayer

@liamsullivan81 Miffed Against the Machine


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