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Rob Sheffield’s Coolest Summer Jams

Sweat to Rob’s playlist of summer songs, from “Summertime Blues” to “Call Me Maybe”

beach party

These are the songs that rocked their radio sumer, or just evoke the hazy thrill of beaches, sweaty house parties, roller-disco bar mitzvahs, dazed guitar-freak blowouts, backstreet boomboxes, that gin-and-juice barbecue that went horribly wrong when everyone got naked to “Hot in Herre.” It happens. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here for the summer jams. Rock, pop, hip-hop, disco, funk, soul, punk, crunk, metal – it’s all fun in the sun. So let’s twist again like we did last summer. And like we already know we will next summer.

Scroll through our playlist of 50 songs and listen to them on Spotify.


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