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Rivers Cuomo Dresses as Elvis Presley for Weezer’s ‘King of the World’ on ‘Fallon’

Band also gets Secret Service patdown, meets MLB mascots on ‘Good Morning America’

Weezer dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday to perform “King of the World,” a track off their just-released self-titled LP dubbed “The White Album.” In what could be an early April Fools’ Day gag, singer Rivers Cuomo performed the track in an extravagant Elvis Presley costume, from the white jumpsuit right up to the coif-and-sideburns wig; however, Cuomo opted for his own thick-rimmed glasses as opposed to something more befitting of the King.

Weezer followed up their Thursday night performance with a Friday morning appearance on Good Morning America where they similarly delivered “King of the World,” albeit without the Elvis costume. Still, it wasn’t an ordinary performance for Weezer: The band posted a photo on Instagram of Cuomo being frisked by the Secret Service upon entering the GMA studio, since Bernie Sanders was a guest on the ABC morning show. Also, Weezer took a photo with a dozen Major League Baseball mascots who were at the studio to trumpet the arrival of the 2016 season.

Watch Weezer do “King of the World” on Good Morning America below:


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