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Reznor Infused Bowie EP Almost Here

Virgin Records will release a special six-track EP featuring six remixes of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans,” a song he co-wrote with Brian Eno. Nine Inch Nails is credited with five of the remixes, and leader Trent Reznor sings background vocals on one of them. Reznor appears in a video for the song,
which was recently completed.

Says Reznor: “I’ve been a fan of Bowie’s work for years…and
he’s also a friend.”

According to Bowie: “‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ has developed
into a key song on the Earthling tour — it’s become
popular with our audience. And Nine Inch Nails’ input has created a
fantastic single.”

The EP also features a guest rap from Ice Cube and a remix by England’s Rupert Parks, also known as “Photek.”

Bowie worked with visual artist Davide De Angelis to design the packaging for the CD, incorporating a unique charcoal drawing created especially for the EP release. Look for the disc to hit U.S. record stores on Oct. 14.


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