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Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano ‘Spider-Man’ stars on rebooting the show

Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano discuss the new version of the musical

Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano, the stars of Bono and the Edge’s new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, recently stopped by the Rolling Stone studios to talk about the challenges of relaunching the show, which was extensively revised following poor reviews of preview performances and the departure of its original director Julie Taymor. “With the new version of the show, we weren’t just changing words around, we were totally reconstructing,” says Damiano. “We had seen where the audience wasn’t with us or maybe was, and we were trying to re-arrange so that things were in better places, where our audience was asking for it.” Carney misses some elements of the original script, but is optimistic about the show’s future. “Bono likes to say it’s the biggest comeback story since Lazarus.”

Bono and the Edge Reboot ‘Spider-Man’
‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ Reboot Escapes the Train-Wreck


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