Parodies of Radiohead's new video 'Lotus Flower' show Thom Yorke dancing to Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Guns n' Roses and others. - Rolling Stone
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Radiohead Fans Create Dozens of ‘Dancing Thom Yorke’ Videos

Re-edits of Radiohead’s new video ‘Lotus Flower’ show Yorke getting down to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Guns N’ Roses

Radiohead‘s music video for “Lotus Flower” hit the internet on Friday morning, but its footage of frontman Thom Yorke’s awkward-yet-mesmerizing dancing has already been re-edited into a series of hilarious parody videos.

The clip that started it all has the singer shaking it to Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies”:

This version with Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” benefits from some very inspired editing that makes it appear as though Yorke is mimicking Gaga’s monster strut after suffering some kind of severe electrical shock:

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This clip with Guns N’ Roses‘ “Welcome to the Jungle” also plays up Yorke’s clumsy moves, as his  approximation of Axl Rose’s famous snake slither quickly deteriorates into goofy stumbling:

In what could be the funniest and best-edited video to come out of this meme thus far, Yorke auditions for the movie Black Swan. The use of Natalie Portman’s breathing from the film is a brilliant touch:

In this skit, a comedian posing as Yorke’s choreographer explains that every single movement in the “Lotus Flower” video is choreographed:

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Here’s Yorke in a dance-off contest with someone’s dad:

Surely if there is any thing to be learned from the “Lotus Flower” video, it’s that Yorke is a maniac, maniac, maniac on the floor:

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