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Prince Debuts New Funk Song On Mysterious Website

A fifth new Prince song made its way onto the Internet last night as the funky “There Will Never B Another 1 Like Me” popped up on a mysterious Website (though the link now appears to be dead). Unlike the three guitar-god songs and one ballad that debuted yesterday on Los Angeles’ Indie 103, “Another 1 Like Me” is a return to the funk, similar to that fan-baiting “PFUnk” song that popped up last year and the Black Album, but without the weird vocals. Rick James is even name-checked in this six-minute-plus track.

The Website, mplsound.com, just provides the song stream over a full screen of eye-hurting purple. MPLS is the abbreviation of Minneapolis, Prince’s home turf, so MPLSound would be a fitting spot for Prince to unfurl his Paisley Park creations. As much as it pains our vision, we’ll keep our eyes on the site for any future developments. In case you missed all the fun yesterday, Prince reportedly has a new album ready to go and is just trying to figure out how to release it that doesn’t involve record labels — perhaps another newspaper giveaway is in our future.

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