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Premiere: Future of the Left Bring the Noise, and Lights

Welsh punks release intense video for ‘I Am the Least of Your Problems’

Welsh alternative rock group Future of the Left are back to scream in your face with the intense video for “I Am the Least of Your Problems,” the new single from their studio album The Plot Against Common Sense, out today. Shot on a low budget, the black and white video reflects the chaos of a song that lead singer/guitarist Andy “Falco” Falkous explains is about “a dual or split personality.”

“We wanted something claustrophobic and full of movement, but most specifically, something that would weed out the epileptics in the audience,” jokes Falkous. “In all seriousness, I have an undue fascination with strobe lighting, much to my bandmates’ extreme displeasure. When I was in college I bought a small one for ‘personal use’ and used to sit in my room writing songs to its largely similar patterns. They were great, if slightly disorientating, days.”


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