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Song You Need to Know: Pip Blom, ‘Come Home’

Amsterdam indie-rock act gets locked in a killer post-punk groove

Raymond van Mil

Pip Blom is a 22-year-old Amsterdammer with a perfect post-punk name and a Cobain-ish gift for saying a lot with a little. On “Come Home,” the new single by her band (which is also called Pip Blom, duh), she taunts some tragic sap who’s under the impression they get her: “Say my name if you think it’s over.” Her guitar gets stuck on a short, glowering riff, detuned and off-balance, like “Come As You Are” minus the sentimentality, as the song’s intensity keeps building. The bass and the drums grumble right along. Everything’s so tightly wound it might be a studio loop, or just a band with a sense of purpose. “I don’t mind, I think it’s quite amusing,” she chides. “We both know you’re not that type.” Cold as ice.

Pip Blom’s Paycheck EP is out October 5th.


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