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Phishfest “Went” Off Without A Hitch

The Great Went, the Aug. 16-17 Phish-fest at Loring Air Force Base in remote Limestone, Maine, grossed more than $4.2 million. More than 62,000 Phish-heads paid $70 for a weekend of camping and three servings per day of the Elektra act. Phish manager John Paluska says the event came off “Seamlessly,” with no major problems other than traffic. Last year, Phish hosted the Clifford Ball in Plattsburgh, N.Y., which grossed $3.3 million. The Great Went was the last stand of a hugely successful Phish run this summer that grossed more than $10 million from 17 shed dates. Paluska said Phish will begin a fall arena tour in mid-November in Las Vegas.


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