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Paul Simon Gets Back to Basics On New Disc

‘I’m going to do the thing I’ve been avoiding for twenty years,’ says Simon. ‘Sit in a room with guitars and write songs.’

When Paul Simon began writing songs for his upcoming album So Beautiful Or So What he decided it was time to return to the basics. “I didn’t want to begin the process of making an album with a rhythmic premise —  which is how I’ve been making albums ever since Graceland,” he says in the exclusive video above.  “I’m going to do the same thing that I’ve been trying to avoid for twenty some years, which is to sit in a room with guitars and write songs.” The album hits stores on April 12th. To read more about Simon’s plans, including the future of Simon & Garfunkel and what rare tracks he wants to dig out on his upcoming solo tour, check out our recent feature on Simon.


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