See Paul McCartney Reunite With Ringo Starr to Play Beatles Classics at L.A. Concert

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Paul McCartney reunited with Ringo Starr to perform two Beatles classics during the bassist’s concert at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Saturday night.

“We’ve got a surprise for us, a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone: Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Ringo Starr,” McCartney said introducing his former band mate to a rapturous Dodger Stadium crowd.

After a quick embrace – “I love you, man,” McCartney told Starr both before and after the reunion – the drummer stepped behind the kit as McCartney and his band launched into the minute-long “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise).” McCartney and Starr also joined forces to perform “Helter Skelter” off “The White Album.”

Starr then thanked the audience and McCartney, who saluted Starr with the drummer’s trademark “Peace and Love,” before exiting the stage.

However, McCartney had one more guest in store for the Dodger Stadium gig: Eagles guitarist – and Starr’s brother-in-law – Joe Walsh came onstage midway through Abbey Road‘s classic closing medley to join in on the guitar solos on the Beatles’ “The End.”

“The best part is we didn’t have a clue what we were doing,” McCartney quipped to the crowd soon after the surprise Walsh appearance.