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Ozzy to Release Ozzfest 2000 Album

New Ozzy album, Ozzfest compilation coming in spring

Ozzy Osbourne and manager/wife Sharon are planning to unleash some of the best live performances of the last two Ozzfests and release them on their own Divine Records label. According to a source close to Osbourne, they are “still getting clearances” for some of the material, thus the track listing is still being created. The disc has a tentative release in early March, just about the time Ozzy’s latest solo album is to hit the streets.

Despite earlier reports, Osbourne will not have a role in the forthcoming movie, Bubble Boy. “They asked him to participate but he had to decline since he’s been working on his album,” said a spokesperson for Osbourne. Ozzy has suspended work on the disc for the holidays but will begin recording again in January.


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