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Oliveri Wants Back in QOTSA

Bassist says he didn’t quit band

Nick Oliveri says he still wants to be a member of Queens of the Stone Age, despite a statement issued by frontman Josh Homme last week that said the two had “recently parted ways.” “I didn’t quit Queens,” insists the bassist in a Web post.

According to Homme’s statement, “a number of incidents occurring over the last 18 months” caused the split. Oliveri evidently took this to mean his hard-partying ways. “Yeah, I get fucked up,” he responded. “I get real fucked up, but I show up to play.”

Homme and Oliveri have been friends since high school. They co-founded hard-rock cult favorites Kyuss together in 1990 and then formed Queens of the Stone Age in 1997. Queens had a breakout year in 2003, as their latest album, Songs for the Deaf — which featured Homme and Oliveri along with part-time singer Mark Lanegan and guest drummer Dave Grohl — was certified gold. According to Oliveri, Homme also recently dismissed Lanegan.

Queens, under Homme’s direction, plan to begin work on a new album this spring. Oliveri wants to be there: “I want to make another fuckin’ record, [and] I think Queens is a great fuckin’ band . . . I just need to talk to Josh, but I can’t get in touch with him.”


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