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Noise Rockers Health Release Most Disgusting Video of the Year

Group’s ‘Death Magic’ is due out August 7th, and “Yes… it’s real puke”

Los Angeles noise rock outfit Health have announced their new album Death Magic by the most disgusting means possible: Excruciatingly slow-motion vomiting. In the video for first single “New Coke,” we follow Health on a pretty standard night out, complete with drinking at an overpacked bar and seizure-inducing strobe lights. However, just as the song reaches its peak at the 90-second mark, the John Famiglietti-directed video devolves into a splatter-heavy tribute to projectile vomiting.

As Health confirmed on their Twitter, “Yes…it’s real puke.” The group also joked, “If you guys thought our NEW COKE video was disturbing check this out,” linking to a Bill Cosby-starring commercial for New Coke in 1985. (Ironically, “New Coke” arrives the same day that Diet Pepsi announced they’re replacing artificial sweetener Aspartame in their decades-old recipe with sucralose sweetener Splenda.)

Death Magic is due out August 7th via Loma Vista Recordings.

Death Magic track list

1. “Victim”
2. “Stonefist”
3. “Men Today”
4. “Flesh World (UK)”
5. “Courtship II”
6. “Dark Enough”
7. “Life”
8. “Salvia”
9. “New Coke”
10. “L.A. Looks”
11. “Hurt Yourself”
12. “Drugs Exist”

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