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Noel Gallagher Mocks Oasis in Epic DVD Commentary Supercut

Hear Gallagher hilariously critique his old band’s music videos

The infamously cranky Noel Gallagher isn’t shy about expressing his opinion – especially when it comes to his old band, Brit-pop legends Oasis. Back in 2010, Gallagher provided DVD commentary for the career-spanning 2010 Oasis box set Time Flies, and he unloaded a stream of spit-take-worthy tidbits about the group’s slightly dated music videos.

At the time, most of Gallagher’s epic quips were only known to Oasis superfans who owned the set, but now it’s time for the rest of the world to enjoy his finest lines. Thanks to Youtube user nutsngum2, everyone can bask in a 10-minute edit of Gallagher glory.

Noel Gallagher’s Epic Year-End Gripe Session

It’s almost pointless to pick highlights since the entire video is priceless, but here are some of the best bits, from furious tirades to only slightly less angry rants on intoxication, creative differences and men with “legs made of sausages.”

Talking about Liam’s voice during the “Live Forever” video: “[He] soon gave up singing the falsetto bit after that. I think he thought he was a bit gay, though there’s nothing wrong with being gay, obviously.”

Talking about the “Live Forever” video director’s creative choices: “It seems like this guy was making it up as he was fucking going along.”

Also: “Fuck me.”

Talking about the babes in the “Cigarettes and Alcohol” video: “Were there really all these birds in this video? It’s like a fucking scene from Britain’s Next Top Model.”

On his distractions during the making of the “Whatever” video: “I’m fucking drunk in this video. Look how pissed I am there. . . I can’t begin to tell you pissed I was. I was shit-faced.”

On the clown in the “Wonderwall” video: “He’s not a real clown.”

On creative disagreements with the “Don’t Look Back in Anger” director: “Do you want me to fucking stare at you like a fucking serial killer?”

Also: “A bag of shite, that. What a waste of an afternoon.”

But the biggest treat doesn’t involve any words: Gallagher’s stunned stammering during the “Stand By Me” video is worth a thousand “fuck me” groans.

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