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Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Deny ‘Idol’ Feud Rumors

‘How we gonna feud in two days?’ Carey quips at press conference

The judges for the 12th season of American Idol were barely announced before rumors started swirling that two of them, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, are feuding. The judges undercut such talk today at a press conference in New York, starting when Minaj responded to a reporter’s question with a slight British lilt: “We’re getting along wonderfully, darling.”

“How we gonna feud in two days?” quipped Carrey with a laugh. “I think a feud takes a little longer to spread out. It’s fun, it’s music, it’s singing, it’s laughter.”

With Idol‘s other two judges, Randy Jackson and newcomer Keith Urban, also in attendance, the question of whether the four would perform together was met with enthusiasm from Urban: “I’d like to do that! We’ve got a bass player, singers, guitar player,” he exclaimed, before asking host Ryan Seacrest what he played. The host’s response: “I’ll introduce you.” Here’s hoping though he takes Jackson’s suggestion and picks up a tambourine.


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