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New Viral Ads Allow You to Become Kanye West

Inside the mind (and ego) of Kanye West, the rapper assumes that everybody would want to be him. Thanks to a new advertising campaign by Absolut Vodka, being Kanye is now a viral reality. Over at the site BeKanyeNow, all it takes is a couple of “KW”-inscribed pills to turn anyone and some Absolut on the rocks to turn anyone into Kanye. The site is set up like any other pharmaceutical website, except instead of fighting cholesterol or insomnia or enhancing males for four to six hours, the pills simply turn you into Kayne. However, like any of those prescriptions they advertise on TV, there are some side effects to being Kanye: Awesomeness, dropped jaws and turned heads, heightened sense of style and rhythm. All carpets will even turn red. Some unlisted side effects that we discovered include writing long, rambling blog posts, getting angry when journalists criticize your live performance, shooting three videos for one song and getting an entire Bonnaroo audience to hate you. Think Kanye is right for you? Take the website’s quiz. In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, there’s some clock counting down to something. Whatever it is, we’ll find out in 11 days. And take heart, PETA people: the pills were not tested on animals.

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